Import from China to Central Europe

Our company imports products from China at your request. We fulfill almost every order
– with a low logistic minimum. You don’t need to be familiar with import.
Countries that we serve: Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine.

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How it’s working?

Step 1: Show us what you want to import

Send us a photo, description or link to the product you are interested in. If you can’t find it, we’ll do it for you. The value of the order cannot be less than PLN 3.500 gross. You can order several different products within this budget.

Step 2: We contact the supplier

We contact suppliers in China.

Step 3: We order the goods

After determining the price and confirming the availability of products, we order the goods to our warehouse in China.

Step 4: We ship goods from China to Poland

We ship goods from China to Poland by air or sea. We complete all formalities, such as customs clearance of goods and payment of customs and fiscal duties.

Step 5: We transport the goods to your country

We transport goods to your country – Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine. There is also a possibility of personal collection in our warehouse in Kutno in Poland.

OUR Satisfied Customers

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Discolm, a direct importer from China

Are you looking for a company specialized in importing goods from Asia? Discolm is the right address! We are a direct importer from China, which means less formalities, logistics and risk of this type of venture. Reducing the number of intermediaries in business transactions to a minimum is a greater profit – the commission for the imported assortment is paid only once, and not to each subsequent entity taking part in the supply chain.

What distinguishes us from competitors is almost a decade of experience in being an importer from China. We brought the first products from that market to Poland at the turn of 2011 and 2012. Since then, we have been developing our offer of services and acquiring more and more experience in this field. The number of successful transactions and satisfied customers is constantly growing.

For beginner importers from China, we offer a comprehensive import from China, and for more experienced importers – transport from China. In addition, we also conduct individual training on imports from Asia, organize trips to China and check the credibility of a potential supplier. Importing products from China to the Polish market is becoming more and more popular, many people want to earn on it, but do not know how to go about it or where to start. The problems vary: ignorance of the language and the realities of trade cooperation with China, and large cultural differences. Such obstacles often effectively discourage Polish beginner importers from taking any action. We guarantee full assistance in bringing the assortment from there and completing all formalities on behalf of the client, such as customs clearance or payment of customs and fiscal duties. When starting out in the import business, the safest way to start is to use brokerage. We charge a commission of approximately 5-20% of the order value for the provision of the service, however, these are incomparably lower costs than making an advance payment to a non-existant Chinese company or bringing unprofitable goods with a very high duty. We will help, advise, calculate all costs of importing the chosen product and present it before ordering it from China.

There are many importers from China – how do you choose a competent company among many entities providing such services? It is important that she has knowledge and experience in importing – the more, the better. Another important aspect is having own warehouse in China and hiring local employees who, if necessary, will visit the factory, check the reliability of the potential supplier or help in conducting a business conversation in Chinese. What else to remember when looking for importers from China? For beginners in this industry, we recommend finding an entity with a low logistic minimum – we offer the possibility of importing products for the amount from 3.5 thousand. gross zlotys. It is profitable for us, because we also run other activities for which we order goods in containers from China.


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