Chinese company visitation / verification

Verification of the company from China and its credibility is another point on the list of services we offer. We offer verification of Chinese producers, potential suppliers and business partners. This service is dedicated especially to beginner importers who plan to start a business in this field or place a large order from a new supplier.

What services do we provide?

  • We verify the actual existence of the company
  • We check the quality of the products on site in the factory or by ordering samples
  • We visit factories
  • We participate in container loading
  • Many other

We have a warehouse and employees in China. Our employee can verify any Chinese supplier or manufacturer. If you need help, please contact us!

Why is it worth checking a company in China before starting cooperation with it?

More and more people from Central Europe decide to earn money on imports from China. Before placing an order for a large batch of goods from a new supplier, it is worth checking its credibility, solvency and quality of products, as well as confirming whether the company exists at all. We offer a comprehensive company check in China – this service includes various activities, depending on the situation and individual customer needs. It can be a verification in Chinese registers or a personal visit to the factory to check the quality of the products visually and confront it with the samples received.

Import from China and transport from China is largely based on building long-term business relationships. For experienced importers, they usually do not place one-off orders with suppliers, but repeat them at regular intervals. Finding a reliable company with good quality goods and at an attractive price can be the beginning of a long, fruitful cooperation that will bring constant, risk-free and reliable profit.

The conclusions we draw when checking a company from China may convince or discourage us from working with a local supplier. Instead of risking an investment with an uncertain source, it is better to make a decision based on the data we obtain. Rush is a bad advisor – an apparently attractive price offer may turn out to be a simple scam. It is worth checking various aspects, for example whether the company’s contact details are the same both in portals like Alibaba and in official, state registers.

Below you can find the video about our friend who was cheated on over PLN 300,000 (around EUR 65,000).

Watch the video and learn more about checking a Chinese company

We are present on YouTube, where we regularly publish new videos about import and transport. We encourage you to view the material below on checking a company from China.

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