Transport from China

Transport from China is a service addressed to independent, experienced importers of goods. They place orders for products in China, and we only provide shipping. Unlike the comprehensive import service from China, where we are the importer from the formal point of view, in the transport service from China, the customer is the importer and is responsible for completing all formalities during customs clearance and more.

Transport from China – which way?

We transport goods from China by sea, and air. How are the individual solutions different? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?

Sea transport from China

The biggest advantages of sea transport from China are:

  • low price
  • you can order less than 1 m3 of goods
  • the possibility of transporting items of large dimensions or of non-standard shapes

Air transport from China

Another possibility is air transport. Here are the advantages of this solution:

  • short time of transport
  • security
  • the perfect way to transport an assortment that requires fast transport or loses its value quickly

To all the above amounts, other fixed charges, such as the cost of customs clearance, must be added. For more information, please contact us by email.

Who do we recommend the service of transporting goods from China? 

We recommend our service of transport goods from China only to experienced importers. If this is your first contact with importing goods from there, we recommend that you take advantage of the comprehensive import from China – this service also includes the purchase of goods in China on behalf of the customer, delivery to Poland, customs clearance, payment of customs and tax duties.

Why is it worth ordering us to transport from China?

We have almost 10 years of experience in importing from China. We import goods not only for our customers, but also as part of our activities next to the Discolm brand – as online stores (including We know transport from China not only in theory, but also in practice. We have visited China more than once, which is why we are well versed in its realities. We check the credibility of suppliers and confirm the availability of products before placing an order. Another advantage is the ability to place an order with us for an amount from 3.5 thousand. gross zlotys. We have our own warehouse in China and Poland, thanks to which we have reduced the number of intermediaries in import and transport services from China to zero.

We guarantee fast and safe transport from China. Almost a decade of experience in this area results in effectiveness. The assortment imported from China for the benefit of our customers meets all formal criteria, so that it would not be detained by the customs office for inspection. We offer professional advice at every stage of this project – also help in choosing the most optimal form of transport. How are the prices of individual forms of transport shaped in the era of the coronavirus pandemic and have delivery times changed as a result? The most common and the most profitable form of transport from China is by sea, but it is not always the best solution – especially when the customer cares about the speed of execution of this order.

Transport from China step by step

What does the transport from China look like step by step?

This is a scheme for the implementation of the transport service (dedicated to experienced importers):

  1. Acceptance of the order.
    The initial stage at which we agree on all the details of the order together with the client. Payment is also made at this stage.
    Duration: 1-14 days
  2. Execution of the order.
    The stage in which we pick up your goods from the manufacturer or await their delivery to our warehouse in Guangzhou (Canton).
    Duration: 5-30 days
  3. Delivery of goods to Poland.
    Goods are delivered to Poland by air or sea.
    Duration: 14-120 days
  4. Customs clearance of goods.
    Products must be cleared prior to delivery to customers. You are required to provide documents for customs clearance.
    Duration: 1-30 days
  5. Delivery to the door / pickup in person.
    The last, most anticipated stage of order fulfillment. The goods will be delivered to you (to the address indicated in your country) or you will be able to pick them up from the warehouse in Kutno, Poland

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