Inward processing

We offer an inward processing of unaccepted goods, based on the opinion of Market Surveillance Authorities, such as WIIH, PIH, UKE, etc.

What is the inward processing?

The inward processing consists in adapting the goods and/or documentation to the requirements of Polish and European regulations.

If your goods have been detained, please contact us – we can help in such a situation.

What goods can we handle?

  • Toys,
  • Electronics,
  • Goods subject to the General Safety Regulations.

Inward processing– what is the procedure?

Inward processing can be described in 3 steps:

  1. We are opening an inward processing procedure.
  2. We proceed to repair – we adjust the goods, apply appropriate markings and prepare the documents so that the clearance is successful.
  3. We report the goods again for customs clearance.

What is the cost of the inward processing procedure?

Each inward processing procedure is priced individually. The cost depends on the quantity of the goods, their type and the reason for not allowing them to be traded. Send us an e-mail to [email protected], enclosing the opinion on the basis of which the goods have been detained, and we will quote the repair for you.

Common questions:

You will find out from the opinion of the Market Supervision Authority (WIIH, UKE, etc.) that you will receive. We will help you establish this fact.

No. You can also take it outside the EU at your own expense or dispose of it at your own expense.

Basically yes. Exceptions are rare, but in some cases it is possible to label products collectively. If such a solution is applicable to your goods, we will inform you about it.

Typically up to a month, but may take longer. Our longest inward processing took around 8 months and was on a complex machine. Get ready for it! If the pace of our work is not suitable for you, you can outsource the inward processing to another company. Time of procedure depends on the complexity.

We don’t deal with machines. We can also refuse to take for inward processing other products and you will be informed about it.

You. You as the importer are responsible for ensuring that the imported goods meet all EU / Polish requirements.

Yes. If it is the fault of the characteristics of your goods (e.g. the goods were poorly designed and did not meet the standards) or the goods did not have test documents, the fee for our repair services and the time spent will not be refunded.

Yes. You are then responsible for the quality of the stickers and their durability. If the stickers are not durable and the Market Surveillance Authority does not accept inward processing, re-stickers will be required at your expense.

Yes. You are then responsible for the content on the sticker. If the content is incorrect and re-wrapping is required, you will have to pay for it.

Not. Only company employees may stay in the warehouse.

The declaration may only be issued by the manufacturer or his authorized representative.

Yes, you have to pay customs duty (unless the rate is 0%) and VAT (unless you use the exemption under Art.33a. – [Placing goods under the simplified procedure] – Tax on goods and services).

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