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Our company will provide you with a comprehensive import service from China. Comprehensive, meaning complete from A to Z, because on behalf of our clients we complete all formalities: from finding a trusted Chinese supplier, through the customs clearance of the goods and payment of customs and tax duties, ending with the delivery of the goods to the customer. We can deliver the imported goods to your address, you can also pick them up in person from our warehouse in Kutno, Poland.

Why is it worth ordering us to import goods from China?

What distinguishes us and why is it worth ordering us to import goods from China? First of all, the fact that we issue an intra-community supply of goods invoice (Polish 0% VAT invoice). This means that, in accordance with European regulations, we are the importer and we are the one who introduces the goods to the market.

You don’t need to have knowledge about import and you do not need an EORI number, because we will complete all the formalities for you.

We have been importing goods from China since the turn of 2011 and 2012. We turn the experience gained during this time into a comprehensive service of the highest quality. As one of the few on the market, we offer customers the option of importing products from China for the amount of as little as 3.5 thousand. gross zlotys. How is it possible that it is profitable for us, and the competition refuses to carry out such orders? In addition to operating as Discolm, we also sell online (e.g. in the e-shop). We regularly order and ship goods in containers from China to Poland for the needs of our business and we fill the free space in containers with orders from customers.

In addition to transport by sea, we also offer delivery by air. Another advantage of our services is the verification of suppliers and checking their credibility. We can also find the most cost-effective offer from a trusted supplier on behalf of the client. We have visited China and its suppliers many times, which is why we perfectly know the cultural realities and differences in building business relationships compared to European standards. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Import from China – what forms of transport do we offer?

Import from China is associated primarily with the transport of goods by sea in characteristic containers. However, this is not the only option. We also offer air transport. In import from China, the size of the goods is important – shipping a large-sized assortment by air costs a lot, so in this case, the more economical option is transport by sea.

The goods that we introduce to the market go to Poland officially. Then it is subject to customs clearance, and all customs and fiscal duties paid by us. By receiving an intra-community supply of goods invoice (Polish 0% VAT invoice), you can freely resell the goods to your customers. Logistics operations take place in our warehouses in China (Guangzhou) and in our own warehouse in Poland (Kutno).

Is it worth starting import from China?

Import from China – due to the huge popularity of websites such as Aliexpress, Alibaba or 1688, is becoming more and more popular. How to start earning without losing? For novice importers, our comprehensive import service from China will be the perfect solution. It is worth checking the step-by-step procedure, how long the delivery takes, whether there are delays and what are the wholesale prices in your country. We charge a commission of approximately 5-20% of the order value for the provision of the service. After gaining experience in import, you can use another of our services – transport from China

Safe import from China? Take advantage of our services! 

If you are looking for an entity that will guarantee safe import from China, Discolm is the right address. Years of experience gained while importing goods from Asia have resulted in a thorough knowledge of the rules and procedures that must be followed, so that the assortment crosses the border without any problems and is not detained by the customs office for inspection.

We make every effort to offer our customers safe import from China. What does it mean? We care about the quality of the imported goods and competitive prices. Before starting cooperation with a new supplier or manufacturer, we verify its credibility. We have our own warehouse in China and employ local workers there who can tour the factories to see the quality of the components used in it or the actual use of a specific production technology. They can also compare the quality of the samples with the final product.

Many novice importers do not realize how many additional costs should be added to the price of the product: customs, tax, transport costs within China. Exchange rates are volatile and subject to constant fluctuations, and the COVID-19 pandemic has caused operational disruptions and disrupted freight, especially by sea and air. Using the knowledge and experience of an import broker, for example our services, is a guarantee of safe and effective import – we encourage all interested parties to contact us.

Import from China step by step

What does the import from China look like step by step?

This is a scheme for the implementation of the comprehensive service:

  1. Acceptance of the order.
    The initial stage at which we agree on all the details of the order together with the client. Payment is also made at this stage.
    Duration: 1-14 days
  2. Execution of the order.
    The stage in which we order products and wait for them to reach our warehouse in China.
    Duration: 5-30 days
  3. Delivery of goods to Poland.
    Goods are delivered to Poland by air or sea.
    Duration: 14-120 days
  4. Customs clearance of goods.
    Products must be cleared before they can be delivered to customers.
    Duration: 1-30 days
  5. Delivery to the door / pickup in person.
    The last, most anticipated stage of order fulfillment. The goods will be delivered to you (to the address provided in your country) or you will be able to pick them up from the warehouse in Kutno, Poland.

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